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American Pageant Chapter 29 Vocab

Key terms, people, and events from Chapter 29 of the 13th edition of the American Pageant.

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New Freedom
Wilson's plan for stronger antitrust legislation, banking reform, and tariff reductions
Eugene V. Debs
Ran for president in 1912 on the socialist ticket, won almost 1,000,000 popular votes
Bully Pulpit
President appeals to the public to gain support for legislation and policy
Underwood Tariff
Provided for a substantial reduction of rates. Beginning of government making $ from other places than tariffs (Hint, hint: Income taxes - 16th amendment)
16th Amendment
Provided for income tax to be collected
17th Amendment
Provided for the direct election of US senators
Federal Reserve Act
Created the Fed, controls the supply of $ and can increase it in times of crisis
Clayton Antitrust Act
Essentially, gave more power to Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Made interlocking directories illegal
Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916
Allowed farmers to take out loans at very low interest rates
Louis Brandeis
Justice of the Supreme Court, first Jewish person on the court
Jones Act of 1916
Promised independence to Philippines as soon as a "stable government" could be established
Adamson Act of 1916
8 hour workday for workers on interstate trains, extra pay for overtime