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English TRI 1 Allusions (Not SL or HF))

godly man who Jesus strips of his riches and family because Satan says that he is only godly because his life is easy. He never challenges god and gets even more than he had before.
1st Corinthians
Though i was a child, I could no longer feel as a child, could no longer react as a child.
"Moon turning to blood" -- End of the world -- Whore of Babylon
Original Sin
Adam and Eve's sin against God's command
Jacobs Latter / Tower of Babel
Jacob = is given a passage to heaven
12 Tribes scrambled because they tried to build a tower to god
Horatio Algers Rags To riches
tales of people going from poverty to an elevated status in society
Uncle Tom
a name that means that a black person is submissive to white authority. Taken from a famed African American Slave Novel
Jim Crow Laws
Separate but Equal laws that created segregation in public institutions and places. Based off of the main character in the Minstrel Show
Jack Johnson
Champion African American Boxer who symbolized Hope.
1. Resurrected by god
2. a beggar whom god said it is easier for a poor man to get into heaven
Dylan Thomas
An Irish Poet who gained acclaim for his English writings
Picasso and Cubism
master artist who could imitate the greats but choose to create a relatively "crazy" new style of art
Flying Fairy friend of Peter Pan
Don Quixote
delusional romantic who quests with his rational associate Sancho Panza
Ghastly apparition of a women who is known for extremely load wails
Venus De Milo
famed statue with no arms
Van Gogh
Artist who was radically different and mentally insane (cut off his own ear)
Grapes of Wrath
Story portrays the challenges and struggles of the poverty stricken life
Wizard of Oz
"Ding Dong the Witch is dead"
Jackson Pollock
Radically different splatter-painter artist
Female form column
Christopher Columbus
Sailed in search of any easier trade route with India for Queen Isabella of Spain
Derogatory term for someone from Oklahoma
Davy Crockett
"Remember the Alamo" -- Texas independence proponent
Robber Barons
Rich barons who achieved their money primarily via illegal or theft related means
Assassinated. Key in the Cold War (Sputnik and Fidel=Communism)
Abraham Lincoln
Emancipated the slaves and was elected in the 1860 election
Assassinated. The face of the civil rights movement
Helen Keller
Blind and Deaf girl who eventually learned to read and communicate to the world
Nixon scandal in which Reps broke into the Democratic National Committee and destroyed key data. Abdicated the rule
Divine Maternity
Mary carried God's child in a Virgin pregnancy and birth
Immaculate Conception v. Virgin Birth
The Birth of Mary without any "Stain" v. the non-sexual conception of Jesus
Daniel in the Lions den
Caste into a lions den for his faith in Yahweh but was saved and not killed by the lions
The Bitter Cup
represents the Crucifixion of Christ when Jesus is praying to his father in the Garden of Gethsemane
Cain and Able
God asked these brothers to give a sacrifice. One gave one of flesh, the other of earth. God rewarded the flesh sacrifice of A** and the other brother got jealous so he killed A** and was marked by God
Pearl of Great Price
Rich man trades all of his jewels and riches for this symbol of salvation
The Whore of Babylon
The name for the city that represented sin and unholiness. One of the 3 bad cities of the ancient world.
Nathan the Prophet
Reprimands King David for committing adultery with Bathsheba
Betrays Jesus to the authorities for a small sum of money
3 Temptations of Christ
Jesus fasts for 40 days in the desert and Satan comes across him and tries to tempt him. Christ overcomes these temptations and is rewarded greatly for it.
Lot and His Wife
Lot is told to flee (from Sodom or Gomorrah) but told not to look back or else he will be sucked back in. His wife looks back.... and is sucked in.
The Piéta
depicts the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus after his crucifixion.