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  1. con·ti·nen·tal
    of or of the nature of a continen
    a piece of paper currency issued by the Continental Congress during the American Revolution.
    a small amount: advice that's not worth a continental.
  2. Are there any feeding insructions you like me to have?
  3. fourty five dollars
  4. altered
  5. four to six pm
  1. a Spayed or neutered dog
  2. b boarding check in question 3
  3. c Boarding price for a twenty four hour period
  4. d Continental definition
  5. e pick up time during weekend

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  1. drop of time during the week day
  2. pick up time during the week day
  3. store phone number
  4. Continental
  5. If a dog is left over night and picked up after ten am charged

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  1. fifteen dollarshalf day care play group price with groom


  2. Three hundred and fifty dollars saves you ten dollars.Night and board package of 10 price


  3. 617-323-0656store phone number


  4. eight am to ten amdrop of time during weekend


  5. The Continental Bed Bath and BoneContinental