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  1. seven am to ten am
  2. 617-323-9511
  3. eight am to ten am
  4. The Continental Bed Bath and Bone
  5. 617-323-0656
  1. a Spell out the store name
  2. b drop of time during the week day
  3. c drop of time during weekend
  4. d store phone number
  5. e store fax number

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  1. full day care plays group price without a groom
  2. Night and board package of 10 price
  3. Boarding price for a twenty four hour period
  4. pick up time during the week day
  5. Continental

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  1. Two hundred dollars saves you five dollars.Day care package of 10 price


  2. bedbathandbone.comstore web site


  3. What is your emergency contact information?If a dog is left over night and picked up after ten am charged


  4. alteredSpayed or neutered dog


  5. We have a pretty good package deal that can save you up to one hundred dollars.boarding check in question 4