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son of Thurtra, scrawny, determined, daydreams, independent-goldsmith, courages


Ranofers father and Hero,mastergoldsmith


apprentice to Rekh, simles as jokes, trustworthy, jocular, homely face


wise, kind, papyrus seller, one-eyed

Eloise J. McGraw

the auther of the book "The Golden Goblet


sun god to the Egyptions, sales across skies as "sun"


evil half brother, stonecutter, cruel bully, tyrant, beats Ranofer, steals, greaty


master goldsmith, teacher of Heqet mostly


forman in Gebu's shop, mean


boat, captian, drunk, fought with Gebu

Queen Tiy

queen of Thebes, parents are died, kind, smart


ghostly spirit that might carry away a boy or girl, they can change forms


master goldsmith, Thurtra's boss and friend, trustworthy, kind, old,wise

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