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A program that allows you to use rows and columns of data to manage, predict, and present information.

Active Cell

The cell ready for data entry.


When data is entered into a cell, the default alignment is labels to the left and values to the right.


An intersection of a row and column.

Cell Range

A selected group of cells that form a rectangle.

Cell Reference

The column letter and the row number. Example: B12


Identified by a letter that appears at the top of the spreadsheet.


Equations with symbols for math operations. Example =B6+B7+B8+B9


Special formulas that do not use operators to calculate a result. A shortcut formula. Example: =SUM(A6:A9)


Text, symbols, dates, or numbers not used in calculations.


Identified by numbers on the left side of the spreadsheet.


A number entered into a spreadsheet cell that will be used for calculations.

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