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1100 psi
When the oxygen tank is half full, the tank pressure gauge will read approximately:
Liquid and a gas
Nitrous oxide is present in the tank as a:
Flow meter
The amount of oxygen an animal is receiving is indicated by the
Flow meters that have a ball for reading the gauge should be read from the __________ of the ball.
33% oxygen and 67% nitrous oxide
The most commonly recommended ratio for nitrous oxide and oxygen flow rates is:
60 mL/kg
The minimum size for the reservoir bag can be calculated as:
Control the direction of movement of gases
The flutter valves on an anesthetic machine help:
The pop-off valve is part of the anesthetic machine and helps:
Prevent excess gas pressure from building up within the breathing circuit
In small animal anesthesia, when the patient is bagged, the pressure manometer reading should not exceed:
20 cm H2O
Rebreathing is determined primarily by the
Fresh gas flow
Non-rebreathing systems should have maintenance flow rates that are
Very high (at least 200 mL/kg/min)
The negative pressure relief valve is particularly important when
There is a failure of oxygen flow through the system
The tidal volume of an anesthesized animal is considered to be _________ mL/kg of body weight.
A scavenging system is generally attached to:
The pop-off valve
The anesthetist will know when the granules in the carbon dioxide absorber have been depleted because the:
the granules will be hard and or change color
An increase in the depth of anesthesia can be achieved quickly by:
Having high oxygen flow rates
Having high vaporizer settings
The concentration of anesthetic delivered from a nonprecision vaporizer may depend on the:
Flow of the carrier gas through the vaporizer
Type of anesthetic in the vaporizer
Temperature of the liquid anesthetic
Back pressure
When an anesthetic machine is operating correctly, the pressures in the machine are always:
40 to 50 psi between the pressure-reducing valve and the flow meters
15 psi entering a VOC vaporizer
15 psi between the flow meters and the breathing circuit