SLLA Essay Topic - The Educational System


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Legal Issues with Curriculum
What is and isn't taught can be an issue.

Evolution, sex education, social issues, global warming.

Be aware of current law and policies involving content and presentation.
Trends in Law and How Schools Operate
Schools are more sensitive to student and family needs.

Civil and individual rights more protected.

Emotional needs better understood.

Schools receive less respect.

Parents are more likely to be suspicious and challenge subject matter and discipline.

Always be aware of possible lawsuits.

More bureaucratic and less flexible, creativity lost.

Change in teacher-student relations.

Conduct and curriculum highly regulated.
Law, Regulation and Policy
---Written and passed by federal, state of local legislative bodies.

---Written by government agencies that have been granted rule making authority by the legislative body.
---Detail how a law is implemented.

---Written by local body such as school board, district, administrator.
---Can give authority over employees.
Communication with Staff over Legal Matters
Staff members must be aware of legal responsibilities (student rights and due process).

School vulnerable if ignorant or fail to follow law.

Principal must have regular meetings to keep staff up to date.

Compliance is important in all matters.
Due Process for Staff
Respect every persons' rights.

Cannot pick and choose which rights will be honored.

Notify staff of charges or proceedings.

Must be followed for termination.
Documenting Communication
More documentation wins.

Gives stronger position.

Attendance, discipline, personnel - examples.
Legal Issues with Student Activities
Schools can restrict students behavior.

Athletic Issues arise with who can play, GPA, students unfairly kept off team.

In school issues include dress code, behavior, privacy, search and seizure.

Students and parents are much more aware of rights today.
Student Internet Use
Teach students internet safety.

Have safety measures in place.

Teach student how to avoid obscene/inappropriate content, predators and to keep their privacy protected.

Teach about plagiarism and how to work safely within the network safety protocol.

Failure to train students leaves schools liable.