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hardens into a permanent shape when exposed to heat


the art and science of making objects from clay


a person who works with clay


last name of the chosen one whom Voldemort tried to kill. His first name is Harry. One who specializes in making dishes


fired at a relatively low temperature and is porous after firing


rarest and most expensive type of clay. Made from deposits of decomposed granite, it becomes white and translucent after firing


fired at a higher temperature and is not porous


shaping clay on a rapidly revolving wheel


a kind of oven where heat chemically transforms the clay into a hard, stone like substance


mixture of clay and water about the consistency of cream, sometimes colored with earthen powders


specially formulated liquid paint for clay with a silica base

Fiber Art

weaving, stitching, basket making, surface design, wearable art, and handmade paper-makings


interlacing of lengthwise fibers


cross fibers

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