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test #1

psychology's roots can ben traced back to...

ancient greece

william james created this term...that explains why orgnisms adapt


psychologists said you needed what to support your studies...


what is the psychological term that translated to "looking within"


what is the term of "what is going on around someone"


what state deals with biology and how it effects their psychology

physical state

who was the 1st psychologist to do studies in an actual lab

Willhelm Wudnt

who created the term "know thy self"


what type of psychologist studies the growth of a human being


what type of psychologist studies the interactions with human beings


what is the study of observable behavior


agitation and confusion were that to be a form of ...

demonic possession

what type of psychologist is one that studies the electrical impluses in the brain

cognitive neuroscience

feelings such as sight, sound, and taste reflect the outside world also known as

objective sensations

what psychologist that said if i reward you for your actions you are more likely to do it again

B.F. Skinner

difference between structuralism and functionalism


define the mental state, physical state, and environment do they affect their psychology


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