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Air Logistic Support

air landings or drops for the purpose of supply, movement of personnel, evacuation, or recovery

Air Strike

bombing against any strategic or tactical target not in direct support of troops

Anti-personal mines

kill or injure soldiers; very dangerous to civilians


ending of hostilities

Asymmetrical Threat

non-"traditional" or not state sponsored; ex: terrorism


acts of unusual cruelty

Biological Warfare

use of disease producing agents on plants, animal or people


ships prevent goods from reaching enemy ports

Blue Helmets

nickname for UN Peacekeepers

Border Monitoring

internat'l observers who report on goods and issues b/w national borders

Buffer Zone

a neutral space created by the withdrawal of both hostile parties

The Caucasus

a volatile region of central Asia; formerly part of the USSR and is a sig crossroads for world energy from the Caspian Sea Region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijin, Chechnya)

Chemical Warfare

Use of toxic chemical compounds, including defoliants and herbicides

Civil War

...war b/w a gov't and a faction of the same state, neither clearly recognized as the legitimate gov't

Cold War


Collective Security

agreement by a group of nations to defend the other in case of an attack on any member

Concentration Camp

internment center for political prisoners and members of minority groups for reasons of "state security"

Dayton Peace Accords

...1995 peace agreement ending the war over the former Yugo, b/w Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

...are b/w the forward lines of two hostile parties

Ethnic Cleansing

...expulsion, imprisonment or killing of ethnic minorities by the majority


...belief in superiority of one's own culture or ethnic group


...systematic killing of a whole nation of people


...small forces or irregular volunteer troops; usually harass enemy supplies and communications

Host Nation Support (HNS) by host nation for UN Peacekeeping operations

Implementation Force

...Yugo: UN supported NATO forces to keep the peace in Bosnia


ability of military systems, units and forces to communicate w/ other civilian and military systems

inter-/intra-state conflict

conflict w/in or b/w nations

Joint Task Force (JTF)

U.S. military concept of combining Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine units for a specific mission

Karachi Agreement

cease fire signed in 1949 b/w India and Pakistan over the states of Kashmir and Jammu

Line of Control in Kashmir

700 km. frontier separating Indian and Pakistani forces in Kashmir

Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement

tentative peace agreement signed in 1999 (widely ignored) stopping the war b/w Congo, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe v. Rwanda and Uganda


Formed in 1949 by 12 democratic nations to defend each other if attacked

Nuclear Non-prolif Treaty (NPT)

Signed in 1970, it was intended to limit th enuclear states to the five SC permanent members

Observer Missions

unarmed military officers to monitor ceasefire agreements


Palestinian Liberation Org: formed in 1964 w/ the purpose of creating a homeland for Palestinians in Israel


being similar to the military; but unofficial


members of guerrilla bands or other unofficial lightly armed troops

Peacekeeper/ peacekeeping operation

UN sponsored and Security Council backed operation to create or keep the peace b/w warring factions

Rapid Deployment Force (RDF)

a short notice contingency force, formed unilaterally or w/ partners, to be deployed in situations in which its military org, training, equipment or communications enable it to cope w/ a variety of situations; humanitarian, disaster, relief, separate warring factions to actual combat

Rapid Reaction Force (RRF)

Name given to NATO led and UN backed forces capable of doing #39 (above)

"Road Map" to ME Peace

current plan to hand over "land for peace" b/w Israel and the Palestinians

Security Council

main organ w/in the UN responsible for maintaining peace and security; composed of 5 permanent members and 10 rotating members w/ two year terms elected by the General Assembly

Stand-by Forces

capabilities made available to the UN by member states, military, police, specialized personnel or equipment

Start I &2

Strategic Arms Reduction Talks, 1993-94 b/w USA and Russia to reduce the active deployment of ICBMs

Sunshine Policy

Current policy of active engagement and reconciliation by the gov't of S. Korea towards N. Korea

TMD (Theater Missile Defense)

US backed defensive system designed to protect an area smaller than the entire USA from attack by a long range ballistic missile or nuclear missile

War Crime

a crime committed during or in connection w/ war; genocide, ethnic cleansing, or prisoner mistreatment

Westphalin Doctrine

political theory named for the treaty that ended the 30 Years War (1618-48) that provided the framework for Euro relations for over two centuries; idea that sovereign states do not get involved w/ other sovereign states' internal affairs

White Helmets

UN sponsored internat'l volunteer rapid response teams to provide humanitarian relief to emergencies


internat'l movement for the support of Jewish homeland in Palestine and later for support for Israel

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