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Alternative Energy


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Alternative Energy Resource
Energy generated by natural processes
that is renewable that replaces fossil fuels
Wind Energy
Energy from moving air that turns the
blades of a turbine to generate
Solar Energy
Energy that comes from the Sun
Biofuel or Biomass
Fuel made from plants, animal wastes,
and decomposing plant and animal tissue
Geothermal Energy
Energy that comes from the natural
heat inside the Earth
Electricity made from the energy of
moving or falling water
Renewable resource
Materials from the Earth that can be
replaced by nature within a relatively short
period of time; example: trees
nonrenewable resource
Materials from the Earth that cannot be
replaced within a reasonable amount of
time; for example, oil, coal, and natural gas
fossil fuel
A flammable material made from the
waste and remains of plants and animals
in the Earth's crust that is used to
produce heat and power
Materials introduced into an
environment that cause damage,
discomfort, or instability
Energy efficient
Technology or practice that reduces
energy use