AP Lit #10 11-16-10

a ludicrous change in writing or speech
Black Comedy
Comedy that focuses on situations more commonly associated with tragedy, such as suffering, anxiety, and death. Attempts to provoke morid laughter in response to these situations.
a group of literary work commonly regarded as central to literary tradition
written in the form of or carried on by letters or correspondence
(anthropology) the distinctive spirit of a culture or an era
one stressed and unstressed basic unit of the excentual syllabic line
Begging the Question
the act of ignoring a problem or issue assuming it is settled.
Feminine Rhyme
is a rhyme that matches two or more syllables at the end of the respective lines (painted, passion, acquainted, fashion)
Masculine Rhyme
final syllable of first word rhymes with final syllable of second word (scald recalled)
a literary form in which events are exaggerated in order to create an extreme emotional response
new word or phrase
In Medias Res
beginning in the middle of the action (in the middle of things)
the pattern created in a line by its stucture of sound and stressed syllables
an appeal based on logic or reason
Eye Rhyme
rhyme that appears correct from spelling but does not rhyme because of pronunciation
Argument by Definition
A form of argument in which the writer defines a term by placing it in a particular category,thereby claiming that what is true for the whole category is true for the particular term. Example:"A Dog is a living thing. All living things deserve respect. Therefore, dogs deserve respect."