Mgt & Finance Midterm review Vocab

To persuade potential employers to give you an interview, you need to prepare one of these that list your skills, education, and work experience.
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A teacher, former employer, or other adult that an employer can contact to find out about you is called a(n)________________reference________________ can be found through referrals, school work programs, want ads, or employment agencies.job leadsA face-to-face exchange of information between you and a potential employer is called a(n) __________________.job interviewAs an educational requirement, most employers want applications to have a least a ____________________________.high school diplomaSchool ______________ records indicate to an employer how reliable you are.attendancesimilar group of customers a company wants to attract is known as which of the followingTarget Marketpopulations are the largest ethnic group in the United StatesHispanicgeneration is arguably the most educatedGeneration XTargeting teenagers is an example of which type of segmentationdemographicfour marketing strategies businesses use to determine customer needsProduct, price, place, promotionPersonal selling can be a part of ___________and involves direct spoken communication between sellers and customers.promotionIndustrial marketing is also known asBusiness-to-businessFocusing on attracting and retaining customers by continually creating relevant products is known asContent marketingtotal amount of money a government owesnational debtbusinesses police themselves by setting and following this strict set of guidelines for maintaining ethics in the work placecode of ethicsagency sets and enforces work-related health and safety rulesOccupational Safety and Health Administrationgovernment agency protects consumers from dangerous or falsely advertised productsFood and Drug Administrationterm for figures used to measure an economic performanceeconomic indicatorsnation has when it spends less than its incomebudget surplusdownsizing causeunemploymentProsperity, recession, depression, and recovery are phases of the cyclePeople will probably cut back on spending during a(n) _______________.recessionmajor purpose of an economic system is to produce goods and __________________.servicesThe __________________ requires that men and women be paid the same wages for doing equal work.equal pay actThe duty to do what is best for the good of society is called responsibilityWhen companies conspire to control the market for a product, they are using unethical means to eliminate _________________.competitionOne indicator of a growing economy is a decrease in the ______________ rate, with more people going back to work.unemploymentrise in business activity after a recession or depression is called a(n) _________________________.recoverywhen a person uses personal activities or actions to advance his or her career at the expense of another personconflict of interestactivity that seeks profit by providing goods and services to othersbusinessmeans to produce goods and services called means to produce goods and services calledfactors of productionThe _________________________ is a procedure for carefully considering alternatives and their consequences before you make your decision.decision-making processdecision to stop manufacturing products is often because there is a decrease indemand_____________________ is the study of how society chooses to use resources to produce and distribute goods and services for people's consumption.economicsIn a(n) ___________________ economic decisions are made in the marketplace according to the laws of supply and economymarket economy is often called a private enterprise or __________________________.capitalism