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Colonial protests directly against the Townshend Duties took form of __________.
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In 1766, in response to colonial protests against the Stamp Act, the British government_______rescinded the Stamp ActBritish official Thomas Hutchinson_______had his home ransacked by anti-Stamp Act demonstratorsIn the 1760s, "country whigs" were English colonists who______considered the British government to be corrupt and oppressiveIn the eighteenth century, the English constitution was_____an unwritten documentThe Quebec Act______granted political rights to Roman CatholicsThe Declaratory Act 1766____was a sweeping assertion of Parliament's authority over the coloniesThe leading colonial figure in the Boston Massacre was_______Samuel AdamsThe Paxon Boys and the Regulators both ______demanded tax reliefThe Mutiny (or Quartering) Act of 1765______was regarded by objecting colonists as a form of taxation without consentThe "internal rebellions" involving tenant farmers of the British colonies had their roots in the __________class system of New England and New York