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May- Of Mice and Men
By: Bruce Weigl
Story: About man fighting about putting down his dog or letting live and suffer.
Theme: Ties to Georges choice between killing Lennie or being selfish by letting him die to Curley
Praise to Collie- Of Mice and Men
By: Norman MacCaig
Story: About the happy times the man had with his dog-- ends with the dog being killed
Theme: Ties to the dilemma with Candy and his old dog- getting shot by Carson
At My Brother's Place- Of Mice and Men
By: Michelle Boisseau
Story: Her brother is a deadbeat and she tries to help him to no avail.
Theme: Ties to how George has to take care of his incapable friend/companion Lennie.
Genesis 1- Of Mice and Men
By: Bible
Story: God creating the earth.
Theme: This ties to how even though Lennie is different God still created him to be equal among all of us.
Genesis 2- Of Mice and Men
By: Bible
Story: Eden, perfect and Adam and Eve.
Theme: This ties to how George and Lennie were made for each other.
The Fall- Of Mice and Men
By: Bible
Story: The Fall of Adam and Eve, original sin
Theme: This ties to how George is like Eve (easily tempted) and Lennie is like Adam (follows Eve every time).
Cain and Abel- Of Mice and Men
By: Bible
Story: Cain is jealous of his brother and kills him, God finds out and banishes/punishes him.
Theme: This ties to how George will be punished mentally because he killed Lennie.
Arbole, Arbole- Poet X
By: Federico Garcia Lorca
Story: A girl who continues picking olives while men try to get her to leave with them
Theme: This ties to Xiomara because she is constantly being bothered by boys while she is minding her own business.
Ode to the Apple- Poet X
By: Pablo Neruda
Story: Pablo giving his praise to apples
Theme: No tie to Poet X
Bilingual/Bilingue- Poet X
By: Rhina Espaillat
Story: About a father that wants his daughter to speak both languages but she starts to only speak english.
Theme: Ties to how Xiomara is changing against her parents wishes.
Like You- Poet X
By: Roque Dalton
Story: A man touts his support for poetry and how it is, according to him, for everyone.
Theme: Ties to Xiomara thinking poetry is great and for everyone.
Ode to French Fries- Poet X
By: Pablo Neruda
Story: Pablo talks about his love for French Fries.
Theme: Does not relate to Poet X.
"Hope" is the thing with feathers- Poet X
By: Emily Dickinson
Story: Emily talks about how hope is a important driving force.
Theme: Ties to Xiomara undying hope that kept her alive while she fights with her family.