World Geo Mid-Semester Review 2018

What best explainswhy we experience four seasons on Earth?
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Quito, the capital of Equdaor is located at 9,250 feet above sea level. According to the chart, in what climate zone is it located?Tierra FriaWhich of the following would be the best generalization based on this diagram?Elevation has an important impact on the kind of crops it grownBecause so many people live in a relatively small space, Europe has a high population..?DensityBased on the information in the table to the right, which of the following countries has the highest standard of living?GermanyThe study of human populations, including how they change due to births, deaths, aging, and migration is called..?DemographyWhat is the dominant religion in Latin America?Roman CatholicismInexpensive cars and fuel have led to which of the following settlement patterns in the United States?Urban SprawlWhat population trend is indicated for Nigeria in the chart shown below?Rapid GrowthThe introduction of sugarcane to Latin America created migration patterns in which..Significant numbers of enslaved Africans were broguth from BrazilThe farming technique shown in the picture was by the Incas and was an adaptation to?Physical GeographyIncreasing numbers of people from latin America have migrated to the United States over the last three decades. What has been the primary pull factor that created migration patters?To find new economic job opportunitiesGovernment officials are able to pinpoint detailed information about a precise location in order to prepare for an impendnig natural disaster. What kind of system do the use to do this?GPSWhich of the following features are correctly paired with the region in which they are located?Amazon River: Latin AmericaWhich of the following is a central characteristic of a free market econmoy?Businesses are privately owned and motivated by a desire of profitsWhich group has the greatest influence in determining what goods and services will be produced in a communist command economy?Central government authorityWhat is a functional region?The Great Lakes and surrounding areas, because of the shared transportation routeLatin America is a ____________________ because its people share common characteristics such as a common language, political systems, history, religion, and foods.Cultural RegionWhich is a major feature of an econmoy based on subsistence farming?Farmers raise just enough crops for their family to surviveWhich of the following is an important difference between people living in rural and urban communities?People in rural communities more often follow traditional beliefsWhat is the dominant religion in both Europe and Latin America?ChristianityWhat goal led to the formation of both the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the European Union (EU)?To increase economic cooperation between memeber nationsWhat is being compared and/or contrasted in the following graphic to the right?Various type of governmentsWhich feature would most likely appear on a physical map?Mountain RangesWhich of the following countries most influenced the modern culture of Latin Amrica?Spain and PortugalWhich of the following language families derived from Latin and evolved into modern French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian?Romance languagesUrban planners must consider factors such as flooed plains, the availability of utilities (Water, Gas, and Electricity), and current infrastructure like roads and railway lines. What informtaional technology would be helpful when considering these factors as the city decides where to build a new hospital?Geographic Information Systems (GIS)Using the map below and your knowledge of World geography, what nations colonized most of latin America?Spain and PortugalA ship traveling through the Panama Canal could be crossing from the..?Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean