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  1. final stage of cellular respiration uses oxygen
  2. energy made by cells using respiration
  3. chemical bond of a molecule formed during glycolysis
  4. anaerobic pathway makes it possible for the cell to keep glycolysis running creating ATP
  5. cellular respiration that requires oxygen

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  1. compare photosynthesis and cellular respirationC6 H12 O6 yields O + H2O - photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and cellular C6 H12 O6 yields - CO2 + energy respiration puts it back. photosynthesis releases oxygen into the atmosphere and cellular respiration uses that oxygen to release energy from food


  2. 6O2 + C6H12O6 - - - 6CO2 +6H2O + Energyformula for cellular respiration - Oxygen + Glucose ---- Carbon dioxide + Water + Energy


  3. krebs cyclecellular respiration that requires oxygen


  4. caloriecellular respiration that requires oxygen