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Sperm cells are stored primarily in what structure?


What do interstitial cells produce?

seminiferous tubules

Where does sperm production occur?


The hormone responsible for a male's secondary sexual characteristics

peristaltic contractions

Sperm are moved along the ductus deferens by what?

seminal glands (seminal vesicles)

The tubular gland that produces a secretion that contains fructose, is slightly alkaline, and
contributes about 60 percent to the volume of the semen

bulbourethral glands

The small, paired glands at the base of the penis that produce a lubricating secretion


This structure is responsible for temperature control of the testes

FSH (follicle-simulating hormone)

The pituitary hormone that stimulates spermatogenesis

epididymis-ductus deferens-ejaculatory duct-urethra

The order in which sperm pass through from the testes to the penis


________ is characterized by failure of the testes to descend into the scrotum at the time of birth.


The female structure that corresponds to the male penis


The hormone responsible for the development and maintenance of female secondary sexual


The tubular portion of the uterus that extends downward into the upper portion of the vagina

placental estrogen and progesterone

The hormones responsible for maintaining the uterine wall during the second and third trimesters


The organ that provides mechanical protection and nutritional support for the developing embryo


receives the penis during coitus, holds spermatozoa prior to their passage to the uterus,forms the lower portion of the birth canal,serves as a passageway for the elimination of menstrual fluids


The process of oogenesis produces ________ viable ovum/ova.

fallopian tube

Where does fertilization normally occur?


The average length of the menstrual cycle is ________ days


The hormone commonly measured in a pregnancy test

estrogen and progesterone levels drop rapidly

What happens prior to menses?

Pelvic inflammatory disease

causes fever and abdominal pain, is frequently caused by sexually transmitted pathogens, can cause sterility, can possibly lead to peritonitis


Cessation of the normal adult menstrual cycle for six months or more

Notable risk factor(s) associated with breast cancer

family history, poor diet,early menarche,pregnancy after age 30


The surgical technique used to sterilize a male

amenorrheic (have no monthly menstrual flow)

Marissa is an avid jogger and she trains incessantly. She has slimmed down so that she is now underweight for her height and has very little fat tissue. You would expect Marissa to be what?

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