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this means "coming". During this time we prepare for Christ's coming.
O Antiphons
Seven short prayers in which we call on Jesus by different titles, and we praise Christ for what he has done for us and call on him to come to all of God's people.
This term means "God is with us".
During this season, we rejoice in the Incarnation, the truth that the Son of God became man.
Midnight Mass
The first mass of Christmas celebrated after dark on Christmas Eve
Mass at dawn
This mass symbolizes that like the shepherds hurried to the stable, the faithful hurry to their parishes to celebrate and rejoice.
The teaching that God became man through the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the child of the Virgin Mary.
the public and official worship prayers and rights of the universal church.
Advent Calendar
a special calendar used to count down the days to Christmas and which usually has small doors you can open for each day.
Advent wreath
a custom which focuses on the coming of light in darkness
Jesse Tree
A family tree which traces all that God has done throughout the ages to prepare for Jesus
Freely giving money or material goods to a person who is needy, often by giving to a group or organization that serves poor people. It may be an act of penance or of Christian charity.