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Binary Code

A two state electronic device that is made of two digits.

Advantages of Binary

Arithmitic calculations are easier and needs only two voltages.


Bit, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, etc

Floating-Point Representation

Made up of the Mantissa and the Exponent

Advantage of Floating-Point Representation

A few number of Bits needed.

Disadvantage Of Floating-Point Representation

Not much accuracy, rounded to a set number of figures.

Text - Control Characters

Non-printable charaters, like enter or space

Text - Character Set

Printable Characters, such as A, B, C or +, -, ?


There is a unique binary code for each characters.

Bitmap Graphics

Stores data as pixels.

Bitmap Graphics - Resolution

The number of pixels in an area. There is high resolution, which is smaller pixels, and low resolution, and that is bigger pixels.

Bitmap Graphics - Bit Depth

The number of pixels used to encode the colour of each pixel.

Storage Calculations

The number of Pixels required to store colour

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