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where do you place your paul mitchell kit well your working on the clinic floor?

in your locker or under your station

Food and drinks are allowed where?

The future professional lounge

cell phones are allowed to be used where?

the future professional lounge

demi permanent, semi permanent, toner and mens color may require which application?

singe process

single process going darker

1. section into 5 segs
2. start in back panel
3. take 1/4 inch HORIZONTAL sections in back panels
4. apply from scalp to ends
5. process according to manufactures instructions
6. rinse until water runs clear
7. follow with post treatment

double process for VIRGIN hair

1. section into 5 segs
2. start in back panel
3. take 1/8 inch HORIZONTAL sections
4. apply 1/2 inch to 1 inch from scalp to porous ends
5. apply to both sides of the section
6. place cotton strips at the scalp in between each section
7. lighten to 50% to 75% of desired result
8. remove cotton strip and apply to the scalp and ends
9. process to desired lightness
10. rinse with cool water

double process retouch

1. section into 5 segs
2. begin app in back panels
3. take 1/8th horizontal sections
4. apply from the scalp to 1/16th of an inch away from the line of demarcation
5. apply to both sides
6. process to desired lightness
7. rinse with cool water

Hi-Lift Virgin application

1.section into 5 segs
2. start in back
3. 1/4 inch horizontal sections in back. 1/4 inch vertical in sides
4. apply 1/2 from scalp to porous ends
5. process 20 min
6. mix fress color and apply to scalp and ends
7. process for additional 45 min
8. rinse till water runs clear

Hi-lift retouch

1. 5 segs
2. begin in back
3. take 1/4 inch horizontal sections in back and 1/4 vertical in sides
4. apply from scalp to line of demarcation
5. process for 45 min
6. rinse till water runs clear

horizontal weave

1. part into 6 panels
2. begin at bottom of back mohawk panel
3. take 1/4 inch sections drop the bottom half and weave off top
4. weave using a 1:2 ration leaving double the amount of space between each ribbon or weave
5. complete back panels first then weave front panels
6. include hairline in weave
7. lock foils at hairline, crown, center part and side burn

diagnol slice

1. part hair in six panels
2. being in either back panel, then do sides, then top
3. take 1/4 horizontal diagonol sections and slice off top
4. weave and lock the fist two foils in hairline, side burn area
5. if section is wider then two inches divide in half and foil side by side

how to place a foil

1. place an 1/8 in fold at base of the slice or weave
2. secure foil with hair with your thumb
3. apply product to mid shaft
4. place hand under foil for platform
5. apply product through ends
6. secure the top corner using the thumb and index finger
7. tap the product to fold
8. fold the foil in half and gently pinch the fold
9. using comb fold the bottom of the foil and the two sides

universal formulation

1. determine the natural level and percentage of grey
2. identify target level
3. determine dominant pigment
4. refer to color map to see how to neutralize or intensify pigment

predispostion test is given ____before a color service


what are some positive reaction signs as a predisposition test?

redness, slight rash & welt

what time do you need to call into the service desk if you will be late or not attending school that day?


what circumstances will put you on the back on track list?

1. Falling behiind in theory tests
2. having singles on worksheet
3. submitting worksheet late
4. various other circumstances

which day of the week is the best money making day for future & salon proffessionals and missing this day will lead to an advisory?

friday & saturday

how many levels of lift will 30 col dev acheive


paul mitchell the color is mixed ___ h202 to ____ color


what are the benefits of the hi-lift series

sandlewood fragrance, long lasting control, and max lift

how do you mix the hi-lift serier for max tone

1:1 ration

how do you mix the hi-lift series for max lift

2:1. h202: 1 color

5 vol dev is used for

demi permanents, ultra toners, flash finish

PM shines is mixed a 1:1 ratio with which developer?

processing liquids

paul mitchell the color is mixed with what?

hydrogen peroxide

on the color map where do you find the complimentary color to neutralize the dominant pigment?

directly across

list the steps of the 2 minute plan

1. wait to clean service area
2. escort your guest to the service desk
3. introudce you guest to the service team
4. pull products and focus on solutions
5. reserve a future service time
6. give your guest a business card, and then 5 more
7. ask for a referral
8. say thank you
9/ clean your service area

steps of 10 opps

1. create magic
2. identify challenges
3. recommend solutions
4. the wash house
5. educate the guest
6. talk professionally
7. the color bar
8. style experience
9. review recommnedations
10. 2 minute plan

19 steps to perming

1. consultation
2. double drape
3. release form
4. clarify shampoo
5. wrap
6. cotton
7. process
8. curl evaluation
9. rinse
10. towel blot
11. paper towel blot
12. air neturalize
13. cotton
14. neutralize
15. drop rods
16/ rinse
17. towel blot
18. style
19. 2 minute plac

when performing a curl eval for an acid wave, what are you looking for?

rod size with play and max seperation

when performing a curl eval for alkaline wave wahtre you looking for?

rod size with min seperation

what is the rinsing rule after a texture service

rinse hair in as warm of water as your service guest can taolerate. for avg of 5 min for 5 inches of hair or shoer then add 1 min for every inch of hair over 5

whatre you per-dry methonds?

flat wrap, round wrap, directional

what are you finish methonds?

leafing , beveling, directional and round wrap

when greeting your guest you will want to shout his or her name from your station


dress code includes

all black with name tag
proffessional attire
hair and make up done before school

what do height, width & depth represent

3 principles of dimension

what are the three section angles

horizontal, vertical, diagnol

how many techniques are in pm schools cutting system


what are the geometric shapes

round, triangular, square

phases of shape are

basic shape, cross check, blow dry, refinement, style and finsih

which is the high point of the skills bone structure


where should your lower body be positioned when cutting a round geometric shape

on the face side of your section

which type of look will a triangular shape provide

trendy & edgey

which comb is recommened for wet cutting


which word best represends the dimension of depth


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