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Three pea plant have the following alleles for yellow Y and y peas what is the genotype and phenotype of each A. YY B.Yy C. yy

A.Yellow peas B. yellow peas C. Green peas

What posses causes gametes to have only one allele?

Meiosis separates the two alleles

A pea plant that is homozygous in the dominant axial flower A is crosses with a heterozygous in that allele?

50% of offspring have AA and the other 50% have the Aa genotype. However 100% has axial flowers.

A woman is heterozygous in the ability to roll their tongues. If she marries a man who cannot roll his tongue. What % of their children cannot roll their tongues.

50% of their children can roll their tongues.

Give the possible phenotypes and the percentage chance for each in the dihybrid cross between a pea plant that is homologous in producing smooth yellow peas and a pea plant that produces wrinkled green peas.


Give the possible phenotypes and the percentage change for each in the dihybrid cross between a pea plan that is heterozygous in producing smooth yellow peas and another with the same genotype?

Smooth yellow peas 56.25%
Smooth green peas 18.75%
Wrinkled yellow peas 18.75%
Wrinkled green peas 6.25%

If a gamete has two alleles for the same genetic trait what type of genetic disorder will form?

A change in chromosome number will result.

A person carries a disorder but does not have it how is this possible.

The genetic order must be recessive.

Do sex linked genetic disorders effect women and men the same?

No they affect men more frequently.

Two individuals have the same genotype for a certain trait are they identical?

No while the genetics are the same the spiritual and environmental effects were probably different.

A woman with type o blood marries a man with type AB blood what blood types are possible for their children?

A 50% B 50%

If a person had type B- blood what are the possible phenotypes for that person?

BB or BO

What term do we use to describe genetic traits that are governed by more tha one set of genes?

Polygenetic inheritance

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