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Westward Expansion


take control of or add on

Donner Party

Suffered starvation and death in the Sierra Nevada mountains on the California Trail.


annual meeting of mountain men, Indian trappers and fur company agents


agents contracted to bring settlers to Texas


Spanish settlers in California

Sutter's Fort

Colony near the Sacramento River that became a popular destination for immigrants to the US


Spanish settlers who lived in what is now southern Texas


Franciscan mission at San Antonio and site of major battle

mountain men

first non-Indian hunters and merchants who traveled to the Rockies and beyond

Sam Houston

_________ was the 1st president of the Republic of Texas.

Alfred Jacob Miller

_________ painted landscapes and mountain men in the Rockies.

New Mexico

_________ was the oldest and most important province on the northern frontier of New Spain.


The southern branch of the Oregon Trail became known as the __________ Trail.

Juan Seguin

_____________ was sent on a mission through enemy lines to find reinforcements at the Alamo and thus escaped death.


The Republic of _____________ was recognized as an independent nation by Britain, France and the US.


The __________ Trail stretched more than 2,000 miles across the northern Great Plains and the Rockies.


American settlers in New Mexico and California commonly used the Spanish and Pueblo building material called _____________.


Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson were ____________ writers who opposed the Mexican War.

Joseph Smith

The Book of Mormon was made up of religious revelations translated by ____________.


In the early 1840s, most California residents were _____________.

Henry Clay

In the 1844 POTUS election, the Whig candidate ___________ originally opposed Texas annexation and then half-heartedly supported it.

Buena Vista

Santa Anna's troops retreated under the cover of darkness after clashing with Taylor at _____________.


Between 1849 and 1853 about 24,000 young men migrated to California from ___________.

Salt Lake City

The city of ___________ became the center of Mormon settlement in the US.

Guadalupe Hidalgo

The Treaty of __________ ended the Mexican War.


Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are called __________.

Zachary Taylor

Mexican War commander called Old Rough and Ready

James Marshall

Discovered gold in California in 1848


People who came to California to seek gold

Nicholas Trist

Negotiated the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Bear Flag Revolt

During this event, a small group of American settlers declared California an independent republic.

Texas annexation

This event caused Mexico to cut off diplomatic ties with the United States.

Levi Strauss

German immigrant _____________ earned his fortune in California by making durable denim work pants to sell to miners.

John Slidell

Gen Taylor marched his troops to the Rio Grande after the Mexicans refused to negotiate with ___________.


Taylor's soldiers fought and won two battles south of the _____________ River before the official declaration of war.

Stephen Kearny

Claimed all of New Mexico for the United States

Native Americans

On Spanish California's farms and ranches, most of the labor was done by ___________.

Stephen F. Austin

_________________ was jailed for more than 18 months for requesting more self-government for Texas.

Santa Fe

US merchants established the ____________ Trail after Mexico became independent in 1821.

Santa Anna

The Republic of Texas continued to have problems with Mexico until Houston signed a peace agreement with _____________ .


The largest group of European immigrants to Texas in the 1840s was from _____________.


Texas delegates met to declare independence from ____________ four days before the Battle of the Alamo.


The Mexican Constitution of 1824 declared that Mexico was a ______________.

Neutral Rights

The right to sail the seas without picking sides


Forcing people to join the Navy


Prohibits trade with other countries

War Hawks

People who are quick to attack instead of negotiating peace


People who are loyal to their country

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