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Westward Expansion Vocabulary # 2

Westward Expansion Vocabulary # 2
Ohio River
A river formed by both the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers that ends up in the Mississippi River
Rio Grande
This river forms a border between Texas and Mexico
Columbia River
This river was explored by Lewis and Clark, and can be seen from PDX
Great Lakes
Inland port cities formed on these bodies of water in the Midwest
Louisiana Territory
The territory that the USA bought from France in 1803
Florida Territory
The territory Spain gave to the USA in a deal in 1819
Texas Territory
The territory bordering Mexico that broke away from the USA in 1836 for a short time
California and Southwest Territory
The territory that would later become the gold rush capital in 1849
Oregon Territory
The territory Lewis and Clark ended up meeting the Pacific Ocean
Mississippi River
The river that ends up in the Gulf of Mexico and starts near the Great Lakes
Missouri River
The river Lewis and Clark used as their highway to the west
Adams-Onis Treaty grants Florida to the USA
The Louisiana Purchase and Marbury v. Madison established judicial review
Gadsden Purchase was completed
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and Gold is found in California
Mississippi River
The western boundary of the United States established in the Treaty of Paris in 1783
Darwin publishes The Origin of Species and Oregon becomes a state
Annexation of Texas and the Irish Potato famine occurs
Monroe Doctrine was written warning Europeans not to attempt to colonize the Americas.