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These are the vocabulary words for ch. 6


the period of rebirth of learning in Europe between about 1300 and 1600


a system of thought that focuses on the nature, ideals, and achievements of human beings, rather than on the divine


the effort to change or reform the Roman Catholic Church, which led to the establishment of Protestant churches


referring to Christian religions that grew out of the Reformation

Age of Exploration

the period of European exploration overseas from about 1400-1600

Cape of Good Hope

the southern tip of Africa

Northwest Passage

a sea route through North America

Strait of Magellan

a waterway near the southern tip of South America


to sail or fly completely around something, such as Earth

divine right of kings

the belief that the authority of kings comes directly from God

absolute monarch

a king or queen with complete authority over the government and people in a kingdom


the palace built for the French king Louis XIV

Elizabethan Age

a golden age of English history when Elizabeth I was queen, 1558-1603


the Russian emperor


a Spanish conqueror in the Americas

Hernan Cortes

the Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztecs


a system in which the Spanish king gave Spanish settlers the right to the labor of the Native Americans who lived in a particular area

Francisco Pizarro

the Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas

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