Muscle Physiology Test


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The outermost layer of connective tissue surrounding a skeletal muscle is
Myofibrils are composed of
actin and myosin
Neurotransmitters are stored in vesicles within the
The enzyme acetylcholinesterase causes acetylcholine to
to decompose
Creating phosphate serves to
Supply energy for synthesis of ATP
The amount of oxygen needed to support the conversion of lactic acid to glycogen is called
oxygen debt
What is not true about troponin
It binds to tropomyosin
The speed of muscle contractions depend on
Fiber type
endurance depends on
Development of capillaries, blood supply, and oxygen delivery
What is incorrect when comparing muscle types
Red fibers have fewer mitochondria than white
The botulinus toxin that causes botulism acts by
preventing the release of acetylcholine
Rigor mortis occurs in skeletal muscles a few hours after death due to
A decrease of ATP and an increased permeability to calcium
When a muscle undergoes atrophy in response to disuse
there is a reduction in capillary networks, the size of actin and myosin filaments decreases, the number of mitochondria decreases
the type of contraction in which the muscle does not change length is