Mr Smith goes to washington


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What happened to Senator Sam Foley in Washington?
He died
Why does Jim Taylor want Horace Miller to take Foley's place?
He will listen to them and take orders
What is the name of the man that the governor's children recommend to be senator?
Jeff Smith
What is the name of the other Senator from Smith's state?
Joseph Paine
What historic location does Smith want to visit before the Senate convenes?
Mt. Vernon
How does Senator Smith respond to the articles written about him?
He is angry, confused, and wants to punch everyone
What does Saunders say is the responsibility of the Steering Committee?
To decide when a bill is important enough to go to the front of the line of bills
Senator Paine and Jim Taylor disagree with part of Smith's bill, which part?
Where the camp is
What does Taylor offer in attempting to bribe Smith?
A job
What is the accusation Senator Paine makes against Smith?
Being unworthy of the body and he bought property of willet creek to build a camp and keep it to himself
What president does Saunders use to inspire Smith to go back to the Senate?
Abraham Lincoln
What does Smith do to ensure that the Senate listens to him?
He stages a filibuster
What is the name for Smith's tactic?
A filibuster
Why do none of Smith's ideas appear in the larger newspapers?
Taylor told them what to print
How does Senator Paine react to the end of Smith's filibuster?
He attempts suicide