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What is the probability that 2 fair coins flipped will give at least 1 coin landing heads, considering that the 2 are independent?
If sin θ = √3/4, then what is cos θ?
If α times α - 1 equals 1, then what is α?
What is 27₁₀ converted with a base of 8?
What is e^(πi)?
If a number has an odd number of factors, what does that mean?
If I have 3 cookies 🍪and 9 friends😃, then how many ways are there to distribute each of my friends to the 3 cookies such that each cookie has at least one person at it? (Note: the cookies are indistinguishable and so are my friends?
What is the sum of the solutions of the equation | x - 6 | = 21?
What is 2+1?
What is φ(100)?
Prove Riemann's hypothesis:
Haha. Pretty much impossible. But if you do, there is a 1 million dollar cash prize!
If the circumference of a circle 21, then what the length of the minor arc formed by an inscribed angle of 30°?
Give one property of the Archimedes Polyhedron:
Answers may vary, but the most common: each vertex is equidistant from the center.
How many pythagorean triples are there such that