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Which of the following does not occur during the termination phase of translation?
C) A tRNA with the next amino acid enters the P site.
What are polyribosomes?
A) groups of ribosomes reading a single mRNA simultaneously
What is one function of a signal peptide?
D) to translocate polypeptides across the ER membrane
When translating secretory or membrane proteins, ribosomes are directed to the ER membrane by
B) a signal-recognition particle that brings ribosomes to a receptor protein in the ER membrane.
Which of the following is not related to ribosomal activity?
B) spliceosome
When does translation begin in prokaryotic cells?
B) as soon as transcription has begun
Which of the following is (are) true about RNA?
D) Only A and C are true.
Which of the following statements are true about protein synthesis in prokaryotes?
B) Translation can begin while transcription is still in progress.
Of the following types of mutations, which one is likely to be the most common?
A) point mutation
What is the effect of a nonsense mutation in a gene?
C) It introduces a premature stop codon into the mRNA.
Which of the above is analogous to a frameshift mutation?
Which of the above is analogous to a single substitution mutation?
Sickle-cell disease is probably the result of which kind of mutation?
A) point
A frameshift mutation could result from
E) either an insertion or a deletion of a base.
Which of the following DNA mutations is the most likely to be damaging to the protein it specifies?
A) a base-pair deletion
Which point mutation would be most likely to have a catastrophic effect on the functioning of a protein?
B) a base deletion near the start of a gene