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Abstract Nouns

Practice identifying abstract nouns.
abstract noun
An abstract noun is an idea, concept, feeling, or emotion. Abstract nouns are used in speech and writing all the time, but they only exist in the minds of the listeners, readers, and the writers.
abstract noun, part 2
An abstract noun cannot be experienced by any of your five senses. You cannot see, taste, touch, smell, or hear an abstract noun.
Abstract Noun Example 1: friendship
Your friendship is very important to me.
Abstract Noun Example 2: loyalty
The company thanked my father for his loyalty and gave him a gift to honor his 20 years of service.
Abstract Noun Example 3: bravery
The soldier was awarded a medal for his bravery in battle.
Abstract Noun Example 4: anger
The boy was so filled with anger that no one could calm him.
Abstract Noun Example 5: love
A mother's love is strong, and she will do anything to protect her baby.
Abstract Noun Example 6: confidence
If you have studied, you will have confidence in your performance on the test.
Abstract Noun Example 7: jealousy
She felt so much jealousy for her sister, and they never had a close relationship.
Abstract Noun Example 8: joy
The babies laughed with joy because they were so happy to see each other.
Abstract Noun Example 9: diligence
Frederick Douglass was a boy who showed great diligence in learning to read, even though slaves were not allowed to do so.
Abstract Noun Example 10: liberty
Paul Revere believed in the cause of liberty, and he risked his life to make his famous midnight ride.