Latin American History 6

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At what time was liberalism most popular in Latin America?
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Mexican Liberalsdisliked the Catholic Church as an institutionBy the middle of the nineteenth, did the Church in Mexico own land?Yes, the church owned about half the best farmland in MexicoIn Mexico. "Religion and Fueros!" became the battle cry of conservatives. Why was this the case?Conservatives Mexicans saw religion, church, and clergy as one and the same.Who invited the French monarchs to rule Mexico?ConservativesBenito Juarez became the indigenous governor of which country?MexicoWho invented the term Latin America?The term was invented by the French to imply a cultural kinship with FranceWhich statement best describes the relationship between women and liberalism during the second half of the nineteenth century?Liberalism did not change the lives of womenDuring the second half of the nineteenth century, how did the few women who gained rights become influential?as writersIn which country did the following statement become the liberal slogan: Gobernar es poblar, "To govern is to populate"?ArgentinaWhy did Alberdi urge the government to promote European immigration to Argentina?Argentina had a small population, and Europeans were supposedly superior peopleBecause the governing parties' liberal political philosophy, by the end of the nineteenth century, Buenos Aires would end up resembling which of these cities?Milan and ParisWhat was the darker side of liberalism?its racial ideasWhich were the consequences of the Brazilian "free birth" law?The law established that slaves would remain slaves, but their children would be born freeWhich countries were involved in The Triple Alliance War?Argentina, Brazil and ParaguayWhich country was considered the most politically stable in the nineteenth century?Chile