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  1. Dura matter
  2. Synapse
  3. Cerebrospinal
  4. Cerebrum
    medulla oblongata
  5. Autonomic
  1. a fluid which acts as a shock absorber for the brain
  2. b also called the involuntary nervous system
  3. c junction between two neurons
  4. d what are the 5 major parts of the mature brain
  5. e most superficial membrane

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  1. the autonomic nervous system is made up of (2 systems)
  2. also called the voluntary nervous system
  3. carry nerve impulses toward the cell body
  4. clusters of neuron cell bodies found outside the CNS
  5. carry nerve impulses away from the cell body

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  1. Arachnoidthe intermediate layer


  2. Epinephrine
    example of a catecholamine


  3. Afferent/sensorythe intermediate layer


  4. Whitethere are _____ pairs of cranial nerves


  5. Atropineis used to block the parasympathetic system during preanesthesia