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means numbness or deadening


drugs that relieve pain by depressing the central nervous system.


drugs that nn cause makred alterations in normal thought processes,perceptions,and moods.

psychological dependence

the conditioned use of a drug caused by underlying emotional needs

physical dependence

physiological need for a drug brought about by its regular use and characterized by withdrawal sickness when administration of the drug is abruptly stopped


a substance that slows down or depresses the functions of the central nervous system


a range of drugs that stimulate or speed up the central nervous system

anabolic steroid

synthetic compounds that are chemically related to the male sex hormone testosterone

screening tests

a preliminary test used to redue the number of possible identites of an unknown substance


a single test that specifically identifiies a substance

microcrystalline testt

a test that identifies a specific substance based on the color and shape of crystals formed when the substance is mixed with specific reagents


any of several analytical techniques for separating organic mixtures into their components by attraction to a stationary phase by a propelled by a moving phase


to emit visible light when exposed to light of shorter wavelength


type of radiation that gives us a tan and that causes skin cancer


electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves


electrically charged atoms that have gained or lost electrons.


An analytical method for identifying a substance by its selective absorption of different wavelengths of light.

monochromatic light

Single wave length light


A device for isolating individual wavelengths or frequencies of light.

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