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Old Man and the Sea Unit Review Questions

The old man
Baseball Great
The boy
The big fish was this kind of fish
Pub/Restaurant Owner
He received the head of the fish from Santiago
El Campeon
The old man's nickname
84 Days
How many days had it been that the old man did not catch a fish?
Pulled the boat further out to sea
Once the fish was hooked what did it do?
What is the biggest fish Santiago ever caught?
Why is the boy not fishing with the old man anymore?
Santiago is having a streak of bad luck. The boy's parents won't let him fish with Santiago even though he wants to.
The old man often dreams about:
Lions on the beach
Hemingway says that everything about Santiago is old except what?
His eyes
What month does the story take place?
How many feet longer than Santiago's skiff is the marlin?
Santiago often wishes the boy were there. Why?
He likes Manolin's company and needs the help.
Why did Santiago want the fish to turn and swim with the current?
The fish would swim with the current when it got tired. That would mean that Santiago's battle would be almost over.
In order to help himself catch the fish, what does Santiago do?
He decides to recite ten Hail Mary's and ten Our Fathers.
What second fish did the old man catch, and what will do with it?
He caught a dolphin and saved it to eat later.
Santiago believes that a man can be
destroyed by not defeated
Toward the end of the struggle with the Marlin, Santiago
No longer cares who kills whom
Santiago feels that killing the marlin is the same as killing
His brother
When Santiago gets a cramp in his hand he:
He speaks to it
The old man does not like to look at the marlin after it is:
Santiago believes the major cause of his failure is:
Going out too far
What is Hemingway's point to having the old man say, "I may not be as strong as I think...But I know many tricks and I have resolution?"
Pure strength isn't the only important thing for a fisherman to have. If one is smart and persistent, he can accomplish great things without tremendous strength.
How did Santiago intend to take the fish back to port since the fish was bigger than the boat?
He tied the fish to the side of the skiff.
What problem did the old man have getting the fish home?
Sharks kept attacking the bloody carcass.
Santiago makes one last gesture to the fish on the journey home. What is it?
He apologizes for killing it.
What of the big fish is left by the time Santiago reaches home?
Only the carcass is left: the tail, the backbone, the head, and the Bill.
What does Manolin do when he sees Santiago return?
He cries for Santiago's suffering and defeat.