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  1. mitral valve prolapse
  2. aneurysm
  3. cardiomyopathy
  4. embolism, pulmonary
  5. electrocardiogram
  1. a recording of electrical activity of the heart
  2. b abnormal bulge in wall of blood vessel
  3. c disease of the myocardium
  4. d leaking valve; left atrium
  5. e a blood clot that is moving in blood vessel to the lungs

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  1. tissue decay due to lack of blood supply; may lead to death of tissue (necrosis)
  2. heart attack
  3. cancer, enlarged lymph nodes, spleen and liver. 90% survival rate
  4. left heart failure; inability of the left ventricle to pump effectively resulting in congestion of circulation
  5. inflammation of the lining of the heart

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  1. mononucleosiscontagious viral infection of blood that causes irregularly shaped RBCs; virus spread through saliva


  2. pericarditisinflammation of the sac around the heart


  3. varicose veinsinflammation of the sac around the heart


  4. myocarditisinflammation of the heart muscle


  5. hypotensionhigh blood pressure, pre-hypertension 120/80


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