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  1. phlebitis
  2. sickle cell anemia
  3. myocardial infarction
  4. thrombocytopenia
  5. frostbite
  1. a sever, possibly fatal, hereditary disease caused by an abnormal type of hemoglobin
  2. b vein inflammation often with blood clots
  3. c local tissue damage caused by extreme cold
  4. d heart attack
  5. e abnormally low platelet count

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  1. recording of electrical activity of the heart
  2. swelling
  3. cancer of WBC, abnormal production, accumulate in marrow, drop in RBC, WBC and platelets; usually fatal in less than one year
  4. severe chest pain
  5. cancer, enlarged lymph nodes, spleen and liver. 90% survival rate

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  1. congestive heart failurea swishing sound heard due to faulty valves


  2. hemophiliaany group of X-linked inherited blood clotting disorders; lack Factor XIII, needed in the blood clotting process


  3. Shockswelling


  4. mitral stenosiscontagious viral infection of blood that causes irregularly shaped RBCs; virus spread through saliva


  5. aneurysmdeficient number of red blood cells or deficient hemoglobin. caused by excessive destruction of RBCs, blood loss, inadequate production of RBCs, inherited disorders