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  1. thrombocytopenia
  2. sickle cell anemia
  3. hodgkin's disease
  4. Acute leukemia
  5. electrocardiogram
  1. a recording of electrical activity of the heart
  2. b sever, possibly fatal, hereditary disease caused by an abnormal type of hemoglobin
  3. c cancer, enlarged lymph nodes, spleen and liver. 90% survival rate
  4. d abnormally low platelet count
  5. e cancer of WBC, abnormal production, accumulate in marrow, drop in RBC, WBC and platelets; usually fatal in less than one year

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  1. narrowing of the bicuspid, increases resistance of blood flow
  2. inflammatory condition developing after bacterial infection; may cause valve problems; may cause heart and/or kidney problems
  3. local tissue damage caused by extreme cold
  4. left heart failure; inability of the left ventricle to pump effectively resulting in congestion of circulation
  5. build up of lipids in blood vessels; may lead to arteriosclerosis. may lead to ischemia - reduced blood supply to tissue

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  1. hemophiliableeding from a blood vessel


  2. cardiomyopathyprocedure in which occluded vessel is opened


  3. heart murmura swishing sound heard due to faulty valves


  4. erythroblastosis fetalisdisease of the Rh factor in a second or later Rh+ child born to a Rh- mother


  5. hypotensionlow blood pressure, less than 90/60 mm Hg


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