United Nations purposes, and goals!


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How does the UN keep peace throughout the world?
The UN enforces global law, and force countries what they are supposed to do.
How does the UN develop friendly relations?
By listening to problems, and finding solutions, and fixing the problem. The UN listens to problems, by going to the UN building, and holding meetings to address the problem with others.
How are the United Nations going to help improve all peoples lives?
The UN will establish the law where there is none, gender equality, trying to bring back the MDG's.
Why was the United Nations established?
The United Nations was established to foster cooperation between all nation on Earth and to prevent another World War.
What do the UN meetings provide for the people in the countries?
It provides the opportunities for countries to balance global independence and national interests when addressing national problems.
What is one way that the UN meetings help keep peace throughout the world?
These meetings help safeguard human rights.
What is the main goal of the United Nations?
Maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.
What topics has United Nations talked about in the past?
-Kyoto protocol, a treaty that limits the greenhouse gas output of some developed countries.
-New flood insurance bill passed by congress in 2012.
- Global Warming disrupting
What countries are unfriendly with each other?
South Korea-North Korea
North Korea-U.S
Israel- Middle East