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  1. house of representatives
  2. double jeopardy
  3. succession
  4. supreme court
  5. enumerated powers
  1. a order in which the office of president is filled if it becomes vacant before an election
  2. b being tried more than once for the same crime
  3. c powers specifically granted in the constitution
  4. d lower house of the national legislature
  5. e highest federal court in the United States

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  1. electors chosen by the states to elect the president and vice president
  2. procedure for returning a person charged with a crime to the state where the crime was committed
  3. introduction to the constitution
  4. upper house of the national legislature
  5. officially approve the constitution or an amendment to it

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  1. reserved powerspowers not specifically stated in the constitution


  2. elastic clauseclause in the constitution that allows congress to pass laws necessary to carry out its enumerated powers


  3. judicial powerauthority to decide whether a law is constitutional


  4. checks and balancesprovisions of the constitution that keep one branch of the government from controlling the other two branches


  5. judicial reviewauthority to decide cases involving disputes over the law or behavior of people


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