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Jesus stepped out of His comfort-zone and took the initiative to start the conversation with

the Samaritan woman at the well.

Evangelism is crossing __ barriers to share the gospel.


The disciples failed to see in the woman the principle of spiritual


__ __ a simple Sunday school had an impact that eventually led to the ministry of Billy Graham.

Edward Kimbal.

Did the disciples fail to prioritize evangelism?


Bill Hybells and Mark Mittleburg wrote "I'm convinced more than ever that the absolute highest value in personal evangelism is staying attuned to and cooperative with the __ __.

Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is


The Holy Spirit is

a person

The Holy Spirit is

primary in God's work on earth today.

The Holy Spirit is

the primary player in bringing a lost person to salvation.

The Holy Spirit is

essential in helping a saved person grow and serve.

The Holy Spirit

partners with a believer in effectively sharing the gospel.

Another name for the Holy Spirit is the


In Gospel times, was the primary work of God through the Holy Spirit?


In what passage of Scripture does Jesus teach foot washing?

John 13:15

In Jesus' day, the most common person to was feet of guests was the


Servant evangelism __ the door to share the gospel.


Is servant evangelism risky usually providing only trained believers the opportunity to reach out to others?


Servant evangelism creates a lifestyle that permeates ever aspect of

a Christian's life

Servant evangelism provides the opportunity for personal evangelism in a natural mode of __ and __

fellowship community

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