Minnesota Permit Test

In alleys how fast are you supposed to go?
10 mph
where can you go 30 mph?
on urban or town roads
where can you go 55 mph?
all other locations that are not listed in the book
what do you do when turning on a red light?
yield to traffic and pedestrians or wait until light is green on a "no turn on red"
how much is the speed limit raised while lawfully passing somebody on the freeway ( posted 55 mph)
increases 10 mph
what does a double solid yellow line mean?
no passing in either direction
You cannot pass on a hill when you cannot clearly see -- feet ahad of you
700 feet
You cannot pass --- feet by a intersection, underpass, tunnel, or railroad crossing
100 feet
what is the lowest speed you can be killed at?
12 mph
where should your hands be on the steering wheel?
8 and 4 o'clock or 9 and 3 o'clock
If you get in a accident that is $1,000 or more in injury, death or property damage, you must do what.
you have to fill a traffic crash report within 10 days of the accident.
Can you text and drive legally?
What does a stop sign require?
you must come to a complete stop
Flashing yellow lights are activated 100 feet before a school bus stops in a speed zone of what?
35 mpsh or less
Yellow lights on a school bus come on around --- feet before the bus stops in a zone more then 35 mph
300 feet
If the lights are flashing red and the stop arm is extended how far back must you stop?
20 feet
When a emergency vehicle is coming up behind you with its lights on and sirens blaring what should you do?
slow down and pull over to the side of the road
What is a safe distance you must stay behind other vehicles ?
3 second rule
By a railroad crossin you must stop your vehicle at least --- feet before the rail/gate
10 feet
Are you allowed to pass 100 feet by a railroad crossing?
No its illegal!
what does a red sign signal?
white signs..?
yellow signs signal..
yellow-gren signals
pedestrian and bicycle crossings and school areas
orange signs
warn and control construction zones
green signs
guides and informs
blue signs
describe services for motorists
brown signs
indicate historic cultural or recreation sites
What shape is a stop sign?
what shape is a yield sign
what shape is a right turn sign?
what shape is a speed limit sign?
what shape is a school zone/ school crossing sign?
what shape is a railroad crossing sign?
crossbuck or a circle
what does SIPDE stand for?
scan identify predict decide execute