Barrons GRE #5

counselor-at-law or lawyer in the higher court of law; CF. bar
s solicitor
lawyer in the lower court of law
trader; V. barter: trade; exchange good for other goods rather than money
n bask
luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth
s luxuriate
take pleasure in great comfort
n bastion
stronghold; something seen as a source of protection; Ex. the last bastion of male chauvinism
n bate
let down; lessen the force of; moderate; restrain; Ex. with bated breath; CF. abate
n bauble
trinket; cheap jewel; trifle
n bawdy
indecent; obscene; about sex in a rude funny way; CF. bawd
n beatific
giving or showing bliss; blissful
s bliss
complete happiness; ADJ. blissful
n beatitude
blessedness; state of great happiness
s mystic
of hidden meaning and spiritual power; Ex. mystic ceremonies; N. CF. mysticism
n bedizen
dress with vulgar finery
s finery
beautiful clothes for a special occasion
n bedraggle
wet thoroughly; ADJ. bedraggled: draggled
n beeline
direct quick route
n befuddle
confuse thoroughly
s fuddle
make stupid or confused as with alcholic drink; N. in a fuddle: confused
father; become the father of; produce; give rise to
n begrudge
envy; give or allow unwillingly; grudge; Ex. We shouldn't begrudge him his success.
s grudge
deep feeling of dislike; Ex. grudge fight; V.
n beguile
deceive; mislead or delude; cheat; pass time pleasantly; charm or attract; Ex. beguiling smile
n behemoth
huge creature; something of monstrous size or power
n beholden
obligated; indebted; owing thanks; obliged or indebted from gratitude
n behoove(behove)
be suited to; be incumbent upon; be right and necessary; Ex. It behooves one to do.
n belabor
harp on; dwell on tediously; explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally; beat severely; attack physically
n belated
n beleaguer
besiege or attack (with an army); harass; beset
n belie
contradict; give a false impression; disguise; Ex. The poor sales belied our high hopes; Ex. Her smile belies her true feeling of displeasure.
disparage; depreciate
n bemoan
lament; moan for; express sorrow or disapproval of
n bemused
confused; lost in thought; preoccupied
gift giver; patron; person who does good or who gives money for a good purpose
kindly; doing good
helpful; useful; advantageous
person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will
n benefit
advantage; anything that brings helpl, advantage, or profit; money provided by the government to the people; fund-raising public entertainment; Ex. unemployment benefit; V: receive benefits; be beneficial to; give benefits
generous; charitable; having a wish to do good
kindly; favorable; not malignant (disease); Ex. benign tumor
determined; Ex. bent on advancing in the business; N: natural talent or inclination
leave to someone by means of a will; hand down in his will; N. bequest
n berate
scold strongly
n bereavement
state of being deprived of something valuable or beloved; state of being bereaved or bereft
n bereaved
deprived of (someone beloved through death)
n bereft
deprived of (something valuable); lacking
n berserk
mad with violent anger; frenzied; madly excited
beg; plead with
n beset
harass or trouble from all directions; hem in
s hem
surround tightly so that movement is impossible; Ex. hem in; N.
surround with armed forces; harass (with requests); annoy continually
n besmirch
soil; defile; make dirty
n bestial
beastlike; brutal; inhuman; very cruel
n betoken
signify; indicate; be a sign of
s token
outward sign; Ex. a token of our gratitude
n betray
be unfaithful; reveal (unconsciously or unwillingly); Ex. Her trembling hands betray her anxiety.
n betroth
become engaged to marry
n bevy
large group; Ex. a bevy of starlets
two-chambered as a legislative body
every two years
n bifurcated
divided into two branches; forked
n bigotry
stubborn intolerance
s bigot
one who is intolerant (in matters of religion or politics)
s intolerant
not willing to accept ways of thinking different from one's own; CF. tolerant; CF. tolerate
n bilious
suffering from indigestion; sick from having too much bile; irritable; easily irritated
n bilk
swindle; cheat
n billowing
swelling out in waves; surging
s billow
large wave of water; a great swell or surge (of smoke); V: surge, swell, roll in billows
s swell
long wave of water that moves continuously without breaking; V.
s surge
powerful movement of or like a wave; V.
n bivouac
temporary encampment; camp without tents; V.
fantastic; violently contrasting; noticeably odd; strikingly unconventional
n blanch
bleach; whiten; make white or pale
n bland
soothing or mild (food); agreeable; causing no trouble or offence
n blandishment
n blare
loud or harsh roar or screech; dazzling blaze of light
s screech
unpleasant high sharp sound; shriek; V.
s dazzle
make blind with a sudden intense light; amaze; fill with wonder
n blas\'e
bored with pleasure or dissipation; uninterested or bored
n blasphemy
irreverence; sacrilege; cursing; bad language about God or holy things; V. blasphem; ADJ. blasphemous; CF. sacrilege
n blatant
extremely (offensively) obvious; loudly offensive; Ex. blatant lie; N. blatancy
n bleak
cold or cheerless; frigid; unlikely to be favorable; depressing
n blighted
suffering from a disease; destroyed
s blight
plant disease; V: infect with blight; ruin; destroy
n blithe(blithesome)
gay; joyous
n bloated
(unpleasantly) swollen or puffed as with water or air
n blowhard
talkative boaster; braggart
n bludgeon
club; heavy-headed weapon; V.
n bluff
pretense (of strength); deception; high cliff; ADJ: rough but good-natured
error; stupid mistake
n blurt
utter impulsively from nervousness or excitement
n bluster
blow in heavy gusts; threaten emptily; bully; speak in a noisy or bullying manner; CF. breeze, gust, gale
s bully
one who is habitually cruel to weaker people; V.
foreshadow; portend