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Anatomy - Muscle ID!


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forehead, raises eyebrows
orbicularis oculi
around eye, closes eye
from temple to mouth, smiling muscle, raises the corners of the mouth upward
orbicularis oris
around the mouth, closes lips
base of the skull, tenses and retracts scalp
temples, closes jaw
side of the face, elevates mandible and closes mouth
upper back and neck; extends head, moves shoulder
shoulder - abduction, flexion and extension
Platysma muscle
front of the neck, moves the mandible down
side of the neck - flexes neck, rotates head
pectoralis major
superficial chest muscle, causes shoulder flexion, adduction
pectoralis minor
deep chest muscle, protracts and depresses scapula
muscles between ribs, used for breathing
triceps brachii
back of upper arm, extends forearm at elbow
biceps brachii
front of upper arm, flexes forearm
upper arm, flexes elbow joint
forearm flexion at elbow
carpi radialis
in forearm, attached to radius, flexor and extensor of wrist
carpi ulnaris
in forearm, attached to ulna, flexor and extensor of wrist
latissimus dorsi
lower back muscle - extends, adducts, and rotates the arm
rectus abdominis
your "abs" - flexes and rotates vertebral column
external oblique
superficial abdominal side muscle, compresses abdomen
internal oblique
deep abdominal side muscle, compresses abdomen
transversus abdominis
deepest abdominal muscles, compress abdomen
gluteus maximus
larger butt muscle, extensor muscle of the hip
gluteus medius
higher butt muscle, abducts and medially rotates thigh
diagonal front thigh muscle - flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh at the hip; flexes knee
adductor muscles
back of the thigh - adduct and rotate thigh
rectus femoris
front of upper thigh, attached to femur - extends knee and flexes thigh at hip
biceps femoris
back of upper thigh, attached to femur - flexes leg and extends thigh
calf muscle that flexes the knee and bends the foot downward
fibularis longus
lower leg, attached to fibula - helps keep foot flat on ground
tibialis anterior
lower leg, attached to front of tibia - inversion of the foot
calcaneal tendon
Achilles tendon, attaches heel to calf, allows us to stand on our toes