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Green areas fed by underground water


The head of the tribe


Arabs who went to oasis to oasis to feed their camels and other animals


A low square building surrounded bt statues of gods and godesses


a man who was visited by an angel and preached that there is only one god


A religon where they believe that there is only one god who holda all the power and that God determines right and wrong


holy dook of Islam

"people of the book"

Christians and Fewa and they, too, believed in one God


people who believed that Ali should succeed him


Outnumbered Shiites. Accepted Ummayyad as rightful Caliphs, though they did not always agree with their policies


Holder of the power


Muslim house of worship


market place


towers from which a crier, or announcer calls believers to prayer five times a day

Taj Mahal

a famous Muslim building which is made of marble and precious stones. The Mongol leader, Shah Jahan built as a tomb for his wife that had died in 1629

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