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Synergy Patterens

S P =
Recovery of movement starts as groups of muscles working together. Pt may have little or NO voluntary control over movement initally and can only move within a Synergy Pattern
Flexion Synergy UE =
Scapular Retraction & Elevation, Shld. Abduction & ER/ Elbow Flexion/ Forearm Supination/ Wrist & finger flexion
Flexion Synergy LE =
Hip Flexion/ Knee Flexion/ Ankle DF & Inversion/ Toe DF
Extention Synergy UE =
Scapular Protraction (pec minor)/ Shld. ADDuction & IR (Subscapularis)/ Elbow Extention/ Forearm Pronation/ Wrist & finger Flexion/
Extention Synergy LE =
HIp Extention & ADDuction/ Knee Extention/ Ankle PF & Inversion/ Toe PF
Muscles NOT involved in either synergy can be difficult to active. Thry include -
Lats, Teres Major, Ankle evertors, Serattus Anterior, Finger extensors.