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  1. a declaration (1854) issued from Ostend, Belgium, by the U.S. ministers to England, France, and Spain, stating that the U.S. would be justified in seizing Cuba if Spain did not sell it to the U.S. When it became public N antislavery were enraged and S didn't want any free states.
  2. Series of legislation addressing slavery and the boundaries of territories acquired during the Mexican-American War. California was admitted as a free state, Texas received financial compensation for relinquishing claim to lands West of the Rio Grande river, the territory of New Mexico was organized with popular sovereignty, the slave trade was abolished in Washington, D.C., and the Fugitive Slave Law was passed It temporarily defused sectional tensions in the United States, postponing the secession crisis and the American Civil War. Also repealed the compromise of 1820.

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  1. Gold Rusha movement of many people to a region in which gold has been discovered. Rush in California started in 1848 with 14000 people going to Cali and over 22000 by 1852. Many different ethnic groups including Asians/Chinese, moved to California. With so little workforce in California because everyone was mining gold, Native Americans were mostly turned into slaves and many white vigilanties went "Indain Hunting" and killed thousands of Indians.