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Exploring Business EOG Practice Questions 1


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You are cordially invited to attend.
example of proper netiquette in an email message
Jonathon is the personnel manager for a small firm. He must communicate with candidates who have expressed an interest in working in his firm. Which form of business communication should use?
Amy's company just completed market research for expansion. She will need to prepare the results of the research to be given to the Board of Directors. Which formal business communication is most appropriate?
Please be prompt
example of proper netiquette in an email message
Give the money to the boss to try and find the owner
When Claire used the copier, she found a $10.00 bill under the edge of the copier. Which action by Claire represents an ethical decision?
Mark is the manager of a carpet cleaning business. He wants to communicate a short message to all his sales people the fastest way possible. Which form of business communication should he use?
Using another employee's login information to access that employee's files
example of ethics abuse regarding an Acceptable Use Policy
Emma is the office manager for a large firm. She must communicate the new official mail room procedure with all employees in the office. Which form of business communication should she use?
Treating coworkers the way one would like to be treated
example of ethical behavior in the workplace
Employees continue to work with the company.
What could result when a company has a good code of ethics?
Using copyrighted graphics without permission from a company's website
example of ethics abuse concerning copyright
Stop taking the office supplies home for any reason
A co-worker, Stacy, also runs a small business in her home. Several times a month she collects paper clips, post-it notes, and other office supplies from the office to take to her home business. Which action by Stacy represents an ethical decision?
Good work ethic
Samuel is a department chair who organizes the work of the department, continually listens to the ideas of his department, and makes changes as needed. This is an example of which effective leadership trait?
Good decision-maker
Marcus is a team leader who knows the business well and is able to solve team problems quickly after giving the problem some thought. This is an example of which effective leadership trait?
Delegating responsibilities
When the committee met to plan the FBLA winter social, Mary assigned the different tasks that needed to be accomplished to each of the seven members. This is an example of which team building skill?
The team will accomplish more in a shorter period of time.
What result can be expected from effective team building?
Both keep minutes of the organization's Meetings
What do the secretaries of the Board of Directors of XYZ Company and the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) have in common?