Exam 3 Retroperitoneal organs

Retroperitoneal organs of abdomen --Ursela Usually Uses Kids to Deliver All lemon Pies, except Sues tasty Crust
Ursela --Ureters, Usually- Uterus, Uses-Urinary bladder, Kids-Kidneys, Deliver- Duodenum, All --Adrenal glands, Lemon--Large intestine, Pies- Pancreas --The last part large intestine except for Sues- Sigmoid, tasty crust -Transverse colon.
Five major anastomoses of the abdomen Goodness Gracious Pink Candy Apples Deelish
Goodness -gastric L& R, Gracious-gastroepiplocic L& R , Pink - Pancreaticoduodenal Cranial / caudal, Candy -Colic L/ middle, Apples-- Adrenolumbar / deep iliac circumflex
Organs that touch the left kidney ,, Some People Just Dont Use Cats At School
Some- Spleen, People- Pancreas, Just - Jejunum,Dont-- Desending colon, Use- Ureter, Cats-- Colic flexure( left), At-- Adrenal gland, School- Stomach
Organs that touch the right Kidney, Just Decided Against Using Actual Live Cats
Just- Jejunum, Decided- Duodenum, Against-- Adrenal gland, Using - Ureter, Actual - Ascending colon, Live- Liver, Cats-Colic flexures (right)
GREAT SPERM ADVENTURE Some Russian Vessels Have Very Enormous Underparts and Very Cute Uniformed Officers
Some-- Seminiferous tubules, Russian -- Rete testes, Vessels-Vas efferens, Have-- Head of the epididymis, Very- Vas deferens,Enormous --- Ejaculatory duct, Underparts -- male Urethra, Very -Vagina, Cute- Cervix, Uniformed- Uterus, Officers-Oviducts..