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Exploring Business EOG Practice Questions 2


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Turning in actual receipts for a business trip reimbursement
example of ethical behavior in the workplace
John is the manager of an office supply store. He must communicate with one of the companies that supplies pens to his store. Which form of formal business communication is most appropriate?
Business failure
a result of ethics abuse in the workplace
Shay always works together with the others in her department to solve any problems that arise. This is an example of which workplace behavior?
Babysitter for neighbor
What is an example of information that Hailey should list in the "Work Experience" section of her resume?
employability skills
Showing initiative, working well with coworkers, and motivating oneself
Employer will not read the resume.
a result of sending a resume that is more than one page in length?
work ethic
Avery does not lie, cheat, or steal and is honest and fair in his dealings with other people in the workplace. This is an example of:
Maurice's work hours are 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. He arrives every day by 7:45 am. This is an example of which workplace behavior?
Job Shadowing
A CPA offers a student the opportunity to observe the work she is doing so the student can learn more about a career in accounting. This is an example of which work-based learning method?
Cooperative learning
Jamie is taking a class in Marketing. As part of her class, she has a job directly related to her Marketing class. This is an example of which work-based learning method?
James anticipates what needs to be done at work and completes tasks without waiting for his boss to ask him to do so. This is an example of which workplace behavior?
Sarah is preparing for a job interview. The employer asked her to bring a brief, one-page overview of her qualifications. Which document should she give the employer?
Thank-you letter
Carmen just completed a job interview. She wants to contact the employer to further explain her response to one of the employer's questions. Which document should she prepare?
Look at the employer while communicating
Which is an example of good behavior for a job interview?
What training opportunities will I have in this company?
What is an example of an acceptable question Tina might ask during her upcoming job interview?