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Who created the heavens and the earth?


Where is the story of creation in the bible?


In the story of creation, who was the first man?


In the story of creation, who was the first woman?


Who tempted Eve with the fruit from the forbidden tree in the garden?

Serpant (snake)

When Satan (the devil) was in the garden, what animal did he take the form of?


Who offered the fruit to Adam?

He banished them from the Garden

What did God do when Adam and Eve disobeyed Him and ate the forbidden fruit?

Adam & Eve

Who were the first people to sin as told in the creation story in the book of Genesis?

It's the first book of the Bible and in the Old Testament

Where is Genesis located in the Bible?

Cain & Abel

Who where the children of Adam & Eve?


Who was killed by his older brother after God found great favor with his sacrificial offering?


Who killed Abel?


God saved a man, his family and many animals from a flood because of that man's faithfulness to God. Who was that man?


What sign did God give Noah of His covenant with him to never destroy the world by flood again?

People of Babel

Who built the Tower of Babel? God was not happy with our intentions to show our own power and pride and caused us to speak strange words and ruin our plans.


What separates people from God? It is a person's free choice to turn away from God.


Sin leads to separation from God and what else?


Her son was born to be the Savior of the whole world.


What does God show to all sinners?

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