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World History Chapter 4 Vocab

First Age of Empires

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Ramses II
The Egyptian pharaoh who built huge temples and made peace with the Hittites; ruled about 1290-1224 B.C.
The Nubian kingdom (about 2000-1000 B.C.), which served as a trade corridor and became a regional power
A powerful empire (beginning around 850 B.C.) that glorified brutal military strength and the lion hunt
The Assyrian king who assembled a library of more that 20,000 clay tablets from across the Fertile Crescent
The Persian military genius who conquered an empire (550-539 B.C.) that he ruled with tolerance and wisdom
Royal Road
A 1,677-mile road that ran from Persia to Anatolia and helped Darius hold his empire together
A Persian prophet who taught that each person must wage a battle between the spirits of good and evil
The Chinese scholar who believed harmony results when society is organized around five basic relationships
The philosophy of Laozi, in which a universal force, "the Way," guides all things
Shi Huangdi
The Quin ruler who became "First Emperor" in 221 B.C., doubled China's size, and brutally crushed opposition
Asiatic invaders who swept across the Isthmus of Suez in chariots to rule Egypt from about 1640 to 1570 B.C.
New Kingdom
The third period of glory for Egyptians, when they became conquerors and traders (about 1570-1075 B.C.)
She declared herself pharaoh (1472-1458 B.C.) and encouraged trade to increase Egypt's prosperity
The Chaldean king who restored the city of Babylon and planted the legendary hanging gardens on terraces
Term used for provincial governor in Darius's Persia
filial piety
Devotion to one's parents and ancestors, according to Confucius
A trained civil service, an idea developed by Confucius
I Ching
A book of oracles, or predictions, that Chinese people consulted for advice on ethical or practical problems
A government that has unlimited power and uses it in an arbitrary manner
Yin and Yang
An idea of ancient Chinese thinkers in which two opposite powers represent the natural rhythms of life