exam 3

In Form view, you can go to the last record in the table by pressing the ____ keys.
____ levels are useful for reports with multiple levels.
A form can be used to display fields from multiple records at one time by specifying the ____ layout.
The second Form Wizard dialog box asks you to select a ___ for the form.
Layout view
To change a form's style you must switch to ____.
navigation buttons
To move from record to record in a form you can use the ___.
Tab key
You can move from field to field within a form by using the ___.
You can activate the Find command from the button on the ___ tab.
all pages
When printing a form, you can choose to print ____.
is in editing mode
When a pencil symbol appears in the top-left portion of the form, it means that the form____.
A form that accesses data from two tables has a main form and a ___.
When creating a form accessing data from two tables, Access uses the defined ____ to join the tables.
be related
Creating a form to access data from two tables requires that the tables ____.
main form
When you create a form containing data from two tables that have a one-to-many relationship, you create a ____ for data from the primary table.
Report Wizard
Access can assist you in creating a report by using the ___.
primary table
If a form shows two sets of navigation buttons, the bottom set is for the __.
Every item that you can manipulate to modify the object's appearance on a report is called a ___.
The set of field values for the fields in a report that belong to a related table are called detail _____.
The Columnar and ____layouts display the fields from one record at a time.
The ___record contains the set of field values for each related table record in a report.
both Ctrl+End and Last Record navigation button
You've just navigated to the end of your form. What did you do?
Tom has just heard that the area code 316 will be split into two area codes. Phone numbers taht start with 316-282 will need to be changed to 345-282 (the last digits will stay the same). To locate all records with the 316 area code and 282 exchange, he should use Find with ____.
Tom wants to see a list of all donations from the Donations table listed with first and last name of each donor on the same line. This would be a _____ report.
double-click the title control
Tom wants to change the title of a report he created with the Report Wizard. To do this he should ___.
all of the above
Emma has previewed the Guests and Reservations form and sees that the subform needs to have more room for all the fields to display fully. She should ___to fix the problem.
Both have Print Preview as a view on the Home tab.
Emma is wondering what the similarities are between a report and a form. Which isn't a similarity?
next available row for a new record
In datasheet view, the star symbol that appears in the record selector area always identifies the ____ in the database.
When you first open a _____, Access selects the first field value in the first record.
All fields for a specific individual or place can be grouped together as a _____'
A field can be described as a _______.
primary key
A field, or a combination of fields, that has a unique value is a ___.
must contain a unique value for each record within the table
A primary key _____.
match the field value of a primary key in a related table
Every foreign key must ____.
foreign key
A field that is defined in a table and that is also defined as a primary key in a different table is an ______.
query language
Access allows you to ask questions and obtain information about your data through use of a built-in _______.
Report tool
Which of the following is not an example of an Access object?
selects an entire row
Clicking a record selector _______.
Both Print Preview tab and Office Button
The print command displays on what menus?
create a query
Diane is working in the customer table and needs to know if any customers are located in Texas. To find this information, she would ___.
displays only the data that matches the query selection criteria
Selecting data by means of a query _____.
Maximize button on the Database window or Shutter Bar open/close button on the Navigation Pane
If you are unable to see all of the fields on your display, click the ____ to display more of the available data.
enter, edit, and view records in a database
A form is used to ____.
Open the query again
After saving a query, you can recreate its results when you _____.
Data can be formatted prior to printing by creating a _____.
____ a database rearranges data and objects in a database to make its size smaller.
Which extension identifies a file as a Microsoft Access 2007 database?
You can make a ____ copy of a database file to protect your database against loss or damage.
When you delete records, the space that had been occupied on the disk by the deleted records does not become available until you ____the database.
open the source of the data
If you want to copy data from one database to another you must first _____.
After a new database has been created, the ____ window becomes the main control center for that database.
all of the above
The ID column that Access automatically adds ___.
column selector
If Yuka discovers that she wants to delete a column she doesn't need, she would select an entire column of an Access table by clicking the ____ selector.
More of the data can be shown on each page.
Why would Martha change the orientation of a report or query before printing?
data type
The _____ determines what field values are allowed and what othe rproperties the field will have.
The Decimal property setting for Number fields stores positive and negative numbers to precisely _____.
You can specify a name for a table after you click the ___button on the Table Design toolbar.
The final step in the creation of a table is to save the table ___ to disk.
uniquely identifies each record in a table
A primary key ___.
When designing a database, you need to identify the ___that will be required.
Storing the same data field in multiple tables is called datat ___.
A primary key that consists of more than one field is called a ____ key.
avoid data redundancy
When designing a new database, it is a good idea to ____.
When defining a database, the name given to a table or other object should reflect its ___.
data type
The ___determines what type of values can be entered for a field.
When defining a field, the field ____determines how much physical storage space the field requires.
Auto Number
A field that consists of integer values that are controlled by Access is a ___type field.
OLE Object
You can include a graphic file in an Access database by defining a field of type ____.
Design view
Which view would you select if you wanted to define a table yourself from start to finish?
To begin creating a new table, click the ___tab on the Ribbon.
Field Properties pane
Values for field properties other than Field Name, Data Type, and Description are entered in the ____portion of the Table window in Design View.
Primary Key button in the Tools group on the Table
Tools Design tab
After all primary key fields have been selected, you must click the ___to complete the key definition.
Design view
YOu can modify an existing table's structure in _____.
In design view, you can change the order of defined fields in a table by using the ____ to drag the field to a new location.
Update and Propagate
When you change a field's property in Design view, you can use this button to update the corresponding property on forms and reports that include the field you've modified.
all of the above
Tom is debating with himself about the format for the Donation Value field. What is the best reason to change the default currency data type format?
all of the above
Emma is setting up referential integrity in the database. Why would she not include the cascade delete option?
Using _____, you give Access an example of the information you are requesting; Access then retrieves the information that precisely matches your example.
___ tables are separate tables but you can use the data in them as if they were one table.
Foreign key
___ fields can be unique or nonunique.
Operators used in selection criteria in a query, such as equal, not equal, or greater than, are known as __ operators.
A range of values may be specified as selection criteria by using the ____ operator.
Generalized queries that specify fields and records to be slected are called __ queries.
Queries can be created by using the Query _____, which prompts you for the information required to build the query.
When a query is run, the datasheet contents are ___.
the order of the fields in the design grid
The order in which fields are displayed in a query depends on ___.
To see the results of a query, you must ___ it.
highlight all of the fields
Double-clicking the field list title bar in the design window will ___.
You can automatically include all of the fields in a table in a query by __the asterisk that appears in the Field List box in Query Design view.
When two tables are related, data can be extracted from both tables using one query even though the tables are ___.
related records first
If there are related records in a related table, you can't delete a record in the primary table until you delete the ____.
To delete a record, select the record in ____ view.
Which of the following field types may be specified as a sort key?
select a column on which to base the sort
Before you can click a sort button on the toolbar to sort the data, you must first __.
In Access, you can specify up to __ fields on which to sort the query results.
are saved with the query
When you save a query with sort fields defined in it, the sort fields ____.
Toggle Filter
After applying a filter, you can click the ___button to toggle between filtered and nonfiltered displays.
You can tell Access which records are to be selected records that match a pattern that includes wilcards.
comparison operators
In the condition Invoice Amt>100 and Invoice amt <>200, ">" and "<>" are _____.
Selection criteria that are placed in different rows in the query design grid indicate an ____ operator.
zoom box
The ___is a large text box used to enter text, expressions, and other values.
A lengthy or complicated expression will normally be too large to be shown in its entirety in the ___text box.
design grid
A calculation can be defined in a query by typing it directly into a Field text box in the ____.
the highest field value for the selected records
The Maximum function determines ______.
The fact that you have not enforced referential integrity
When you are in Design view of a two-table query, which is not an indicator of whether the tables have a one-to-many relationship?
By Form
The Filter ___ technique changes your datasheet to display empty fields.
Filter By ____is a simple technique for filtering records that lets you select all or part of a field value.
Like "617*"
To indicate a pattern that includes wildcards, use ___.
To indicate the number of decimal places as three for a calculated field, right-click the field and then click ___.
Filter By Selection
_____selects all or part of a field value in a datasheet and then when the filter is applied, displays only those records with the selected value.
All of the above
To delete a record, you must _____.
Has a plus sign at the beginning of the record and has a minus sign at the beginning of a record
You can't delete a record in a table if the table ______.
delete any related records in a subdatasheet
In order to delete a record in a table, you must first _____.
If Yuka wants to quickly perform a calculation using an aggregate function in a query datasheet, she can use the ____button on the home tab.
Alternate Fill/Back Color
Yuka wants to change to an alternating background color for the rows in the Current Guitar Lesson datasheet. To do this she would use the _____button.
To delete a record, select the record in ____view.